Rustic bed

Rustic bed


Wrought iron bed combined with wood elements. Part of "Rustic" design. Suitable for attics, pensions, bedrooms. Combined items from this line, create a room where you always feel on vacation.

Other Details

Length 200 cm. Width 160 cm. Height 100 cm. Approx. weight 50 kg. We can offer you the wood components in one of the colors: acacia, mahogany, cherry, green or other colors. Fir wood is treated with special solutions and has a remarkable finish and appearance.
Electrostatic field painting!
Available in gold, copper or silver finish.

Details of our products

All our products are made by order only. No supply of stock. The deadline for execution differ depending on the product, model, quantity. Minimum period of execution is 10 days.

Payment can be made into the account of UniCredit Bank (written on the contact page) or by COD post. For any order to charge an advance of 50%. The remaining payment will be made before lifting the order or cash on delivery.

Depending on the order we can provide transport with own cars or by courier.

Why our products are unique

Products are obtained by successive passages through fire, manually processed without patterns, shaped by the inspiration of our master forger! The noble metal is produced by burning coal extract from deep underground, and by the inspiration of a famous artist, creator of our models. Pasaj® company and its products are registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks consequently products are protected by law against reproduction.